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Important of Motor Insurance in Bangladesh:

Car Insurance in Bangladesh is very important thing any criteria like physical damage cause of bad condition roads and highway, Political demonstration etc. You can also thing about your car safety against theft by thief. 

Type of Car Insurance in Bangladesh:

Generally two types of Car Insurance in Bangladesh, People called that 1st and 3rd party. 1st party is very effective to protect and secure your financial value against any kind of demonstration like political, theft by thief and many more natural causes like earth quick, flood, cyclone etc. On the other hand 3rd party insurance is not effective protection your financial value.
Cost of Car Insurance in Bangladesh:

Actually Car insurance cost defends on different terms and condition like Value, Liability, Vehicle CC, Model etc. 1st party insurance cost like under this Example-

Vehicle Cost: 20, 00,000.00

Vehicle CC: 1500

Basic Premium                                       :   2,873.00

Add. 2.65%                                            : 53,000.00

Own damage Premium                           : 55,873.00

Act. Liability                                          :     460.00

Net Premium                                          : 56,333.00

Add. Vat @15%                                     :   8,450.00

Total Premium                                       : 64,783.00


Note: On the other hand 3rd party insurance not defends on Vehicle value, but defends on Vehicle CC, Model and using type. 3rd insurance cost Example under-

Vehicle Type: Car Saloon

Vehicle CC: 1500

Basic Premium                     : 250.00

4 Passengers                         : 180.00

Total                                      : 430.00

Driver                                   :   30.00

Net Premium                        : 460.00

Add. Vat @15%                   :  69.00

Total Premium                     : 529.00